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St. Ignatius Elias III

(Patriarch of Antioch)

February 13, 1932







































































St. Gregorios Chathuruthil

(Patron Saint of Malankara)

November 2, 1902

































St. Athanasious Paulose

(Valiya Thirumeni)

January 26, 1953






































Damascus, Syria - Aug 23, 2009: Today  in a divine ceremony held at the St. Peter's & St. Paul's Cathedral in the Monastery of St. Aphrem the Syrian, Ma`rrat Sayyidnaya, Damascus, His Holiness Ignatius Zakka-I Iwas, the Patriarch of Antioch & all the East and the Supreme head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, ordained Very. Rev. Yaq'ub Ramban from India Auxiliary Metropolitan, by name Mor Anthonios Yaqu'b, for the St. Antony's Mission in Honnavar under the Evangelical Association of the East. 

The Catholicos His Beatitude Aboon Mor Baselious Thomas I, Their Eminences Mor Philoxinos Mattiyas Nayis (the Patriarchal Assistant), Mor Dionnasios Behanam Jajavi (Retired), Mor Severius Ishak Zaka (Metropolitan of St. Aphrem Seminary, Mosul), Mor Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim (Archbishop of Aleppo & Environs), Mor Selwanos Petros AL-nemeh (Metropolitan of Homs & Hama), Mor Yulios Kuriakose (Senior Metropolitan of the Simhasana churches & Institutions in India, Mor Gregorios Joseph (Metropolitan of Kochi Diocese & Malankara Episcopal Synod Secretary) and Mor Aphrem Mathews (Auxiliary Metropolitan of Angmali-High Range Diocese and Metropolitan of UAE) attended and assisted His Holiness at this blessed consecration ceremony.

The solemn function was also attended by a large gathering of Rabans (Monks), Priests, Deacons, Nuns, the Syrian Orthodox Faithful and other Distinguished Guests from Syria, India and Syriac Orthodox Faithful from Malankara.

Earlier on 20th August 2009, the new Metropolitan was ordained a Raban (monk) by H.E Mor Philoxinos Mattiyas Nayis, the Patriarchal Assistant, assisted by H.E Mor Dionnasios Behanam Jajavi, H.G Dr. Mor Gregorios Joseph (Metropolitan of Diocese of Kochi & Secretary to the Holy Episcopal Synod in Malankara) and H.G Mor Yulios Kuriakose (Metropolitan of Simhasana Churches & Institutions in Malankara). Final consummation service of ordination was blessed by H.H The Patriarch.




New & Photos from the

Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate, Damascus


Biography of the newly ordained Metropolitan

Mor Anthonios Yaqu'b


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Foundation stone laid for the new  St. Peter's Jacobite

Syrian Orthodox Church at Fujairah, U.A.E.

Fujairah, UAE:  H.B. Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I, the Catholicos & the head of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church in India, laid the foundation stone of St. Peter's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church here on Aug 20, 2009, 4.30 PM.  The diocesan Metropolitan H.G Mor Aphrem Mathews  & Vicar Kassisso Kaliyemmel Paulose assisted the Catholicos. Padmasree Commander M.A.Youseph Ali (MD, EMKE Group) was the Chief Guest of the function. Faithful from Fujairah and environs participated. The land for the church was allotted by H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Mohammed al Sharqi, the Crown Prince of Fujairah.





News & Photos from Malankara Syriac Voice


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Syrian Catholic Patriarch of Antioch visits the Holy Father

Ma`rrat Sayyidnaya, Damascus:  On Thursday August 20, 2009, H.B. Mar Ignatius Joseph III Younan, the Syrian Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, made his first official visit to our Holy Father at the St. Aphrem Monastery in Ma`rrat Sayyidnaya, Damascus. At a reception meeting held soon after in honour of the visiting Syrian Catholic primate, the holy father expressed his warm greetings to Mar Ignatius Joseph III Younan who assumed the office in early 2009.  Mar Ignatius Joseph III in his reply speech thanked the holy father for hospitality and honour given to him and also presented a Gift of Holy Cross to His Holiness.

Earlier the visiting Syrian Catholic Patriarch and his entourage was received at the entrance of the Monastery by Their Eminences Mor Philoxinos Mattiyas Nayis (the Patriarchal Assistant), Mor Dionnasios Behanam Jajavi,  Mor Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim (Archbishop of Aleppo & Environs), Mor Theophilos George Saliba (Archbishop of Mount Lebanon and the secretary of the Holy Synod) Mor Osthatheos Matta Rohum (Metropolitan of Euphrates) Mor Selwanos Petros AL-nemeh (Metropolitan of Homs & Hama), Mor Clemis Daniel of Beirut diocese.

Representatives from the Syrian Orthodox Church of India, Their Eminences Mor Yulios Kuriakose (Senior Metropolitan of the Simhasana churches & Institutions in India and Mor Gregorios Joseph (Metropolitan of Kochi Diocese & Malankara Episcopal Synod Secretary) were also present on the occasion.

The Syrian Catholic Church belongs to the family of oriental churches which follows the almost the same traditions and practices of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch & All the east. They separated from the mother church in the late 18th century to join the Roman Catholic communion under Pope and since then is being ruled by a separate Patriarch. Mar Ignatius Joseph III Younan, the visiting Syrian Catholic Patriarch was born at Hassaké, Syria on November 15, 1944 and was ordained priest on September 12, 1971. In June of 1991, he was elevated to the rank of "Corbishop" by the Patriarch, Mar Ignatius Antoun II Hayek. On November 6, 1995, Pope John Paul II appointed him first Bishop (Eparch) of the newly established Diocese for Syriac Catholics in the United States and Canada and was consecrated Bishop on January 7, 1996. Mar Ignatius Joseph III Younan assumed the office of Syrian Catholic Patriarch of ANtioch on January 20, 2009.




New & Photos from the

Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate, Damascus & Aleppo diocesan website


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August 11, 2009: St. Peter's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church in Kunnamthanam (Niranam diocese) near Thiruvalla in  South Kerala  was consecrated today by the Holy Episcopal Synod Secretary H.G. Mor Gregorios Joseph, assisted by Metropolitans Their Graces  Mor Ivanios Mathews, Mor Milithos Yuhanon, Mor Aphrem Mathews, Mor Theodosius Mathews & Dr. Mor Coorilos Geevarghese.

Honorable Minster of State, Sri. S. Sharma inaugurated the public meeting. The Most Rev Dr Philipose Mar Chrysostom, the Mar Thoma Valia Metropolitan of Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church and H.G. Mor Gregorios Kuriakose, Assistant bishop of the Knanaya Archdiocese & Metropolitan of Kallisseri Region, delivered the benedictory speeches.

Holy Episcopal Synod Secretary H.G Dr. Joseph Mor Gregorios. H.G Dr. Mathews Mor Ivanios, H.G Mathews Mor Aphrem, Very Rev. Mathews Vadekkeparambil Corepiscopa, Very Rev. Cherian Ramanalil Corepiscopa of Malankara Syrian Catholic Church,  Prof. P.G Kurian and Sri. Anto Antony, the Members of Indian Parliament and Sri. Joseph M Puthusery the member of Legislative Assembly  also spoke on the occassion

Diocesan metropolitan H.G. Dr. Geevarghese Mor Coorilos presided over the function.


Click here more photos....


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Unique Aramaic inscription from first century found in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, July 31 (ANI): A team of archaeologists has found a unique Aramaic inscription on a stone cup commonly used for ritual purity during the first century, in a dig on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. 

According to a report in Jerusalem Post, the six-week excavation is being carried out within the Gan Sobev Homot Yerushalayim national park, close to the Zion Gate of the Old City.

The 10-line Aramaic script, which is clear but cryptic, is being deciphered by a team of epigraphic experts in an effort to determine the meaning of the text, according to Professor Shimon Gibson, of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, who is co-directing the excavation.  

"This is a difficult script, not one that is worn or graded, which demands research," Gibson said.  He estimated that it would take a couple of months to determine what the inscription says. "It is like digging out grandparents' hand-written letters," he quipped.  

Gibson said that the find uncovered two weeks ago was rare because few inscriptions from the Second Temple Period had been discovered in Jerusalem.  The dig also uncovered a sequence of building dating from the First and Second Temple periods through to the Byzantine and Early Islamic eras.   The additional finds include a house complex with a mikve ritual bath featuring a remarkably well preserved vaulted ceiling.  Three bread ovens - dated to 70 CE, when Titus and the Roman army stormed the city - were also found in the house.  

Archeologists believe that this area of Jerusalem's Upper City was the priestly quarter during Second Temple times.  A large arched building with a mosaic floor from the Byzantine period preserved to a height of 3 meters was also uncovered.  It may be part of a building complex or street associated with the nearby Church of St. Mary. (ANI)


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Rev. Dn. Prince Mannathoor passed with Second Rank in Master of theology from Pontifical Seminary, Rome

July 25, 2009: The Syrian Orthodox deacon from India, Rev. Dn. Prince Mannathoor, received his Master of Theology from Pontifical Seminary, Rome, with second rank and 91% marks.

Rev. Deacon is the President of St. Peter's & St. Paul's Jacobite Syrian Congregation in Rome & General Secretary of European Union Oriental Orthodox Theological forum. He has written almost 7 books in English, Malayalam & Italian. Also, he has translated daily prayer book of Syrian Orthodox Church to Italian.  Now he is doing his PhD studies in Church History from the Pontifical Seminary, Rome. 

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Conference-cum-Retreat centre coming up

under Niranam Diocese

The Niranam Diocese of the Syrian Church in India is planning to build a 'Conference-cum-Retreat center' at Anikkadu, Mallappally, named "Gregorian Mount Centre"' under the leadership of H.G. Dr. Geevarghese Mor Coorilos Metropolitan.

This piece of land (about 2.5 acres) on a serene hill top has been donated to Niranam diocese by Mr. Varghese Philip, Mr. Oommen Varghese and Mr. Joseph Varghese of the Vadakkedathu family of Puramattam Jacobite Syrian Church. This dream project will be an ideal place for our Youth & Church Organizations to hold Annual conference, retreats & leadership camps etc.

Photo of project site

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100 years Calendar

[Feast days from

2000 to 2100]











































































































































































328th Dukhrono

St. Gregorios Abded'Jaleel

(Metropolitan of Jerusalem)

d. April 27, 1681
















































St. Koorilos Paulose Kochuparambil

(Malankara Metropolitan)

December 15, 1917































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